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Glass pingpong top

2 Pieces back painted glass ping pong.  This a luxurious way to play the game.  Especially when you hear the slight ping on the glass surface. 

Upgrade to either a leather net or all lucite net in white lucite or black lucite. 

The glass pingpong top is currently made with only one center line. 

Black ceramic back glass 2 piece pingpong net installed in Pennsylvania on the Lucite Burj Billiard table. 

Custom black glass 2 piece pingpong top installed in Arizona.


San Francisco luxury white backed 2 piece glass dining pingpong top on the 

lucite Biscayne billiard table

Lucite 3 piece net



Ceramic back painted glass pingpong dining top


Total measurements 5ft x 9ft, size customizable to billiard table