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Satine Billiard Table

Architectural, clean, minimal and modern.    You can opt for a walnut finish, mahogany, or stain finish on Ash.  Fabric is customizable.  The table shown is finished in a grey stain on Ash.  Optional reversible dining pingpong table.  Please contact for additional installation photos in available finishes.  We will custom match a sample provided.

The largest Satine billiard is custom made in a size 4.  The table can be manufactured in sizes under 4.  


Shown in a custom grey finish on Ash wood in size 4. In a luxury Sarasota condominium game room.

Inner wood structure, one piece slate 1.12 inch", Artemis Rubber cushions, Fabric of choice

Size available in 1,2,3,4 Popular sizes are 3 and 4 for this model.